No Vespas were harmed...

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2018

I used my full arsenal of very amateurish video shooting/editing and multi-tasking skills to put this one together.

This was our Free Excel Crash Course for about 75 Mazars clients on 31 May 2018.

PS. "crash course" refers to Excel, not the Vespa.

PPS. watch out for those taxis on the wrong side of Central St at 0:23!

PPPS. no Vespas (or taxis) were harmed in the making of this video.

PPPPS. give us a call (or a hoot) if you'd like to schedule a free crash course for you and your team.

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Don't reinvent the wheel...


We've all been told not to reinvent the wheel, right?


But how can this be applied within Excel?


The truth is, Excel has a bunch of pre-made templates so you don't have to build spreadsheets or models from scratch.


These can save you hours, days, even weeks! 




  • Watch me almost fall off my bike (0:36) - London clearly has potholes too!
  • Look out for the curious (but friendly) Zambian dude (0:57) who was on my flight back to Jozi.
  • Create your very own personal budget in about 3 seconds flat (2:02)


Chat again soon,


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Very VAT Vlog

vat rate Apr 13, 2018

VAT Rate Increase April 2018

We all know VAT in SA is up from 14% to 15%, and we know what it means for our pockets...

But what about our spreadsheets?

in this short training video  (and my next feeble attempt at a VLOG), I show you what to do and the critical mistakes to watch out for...

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Send 1,000 emails from Excel?!


Ever wasted hours sending the same mail to multiple people, copying and pasting and changing the greeting line each time?

That used to be me!

Well, those days are over for me, and now they're over for you too...

We've created a super cool, user-friendly, Bulk Email Tool in Excel...

...and for the first time ever, we're making it available to you!  

Click here to download your exclusive Bulk Email Tool now.

Save it on your PC and you can start using it immediately to automate your bulk emails.

How does it work?

  • Send hundreds of personalised emails with the click of a button, for free;
  • You can attach a file to the mail if you need to;
  • Include a Cc and/or a BCc if you want;
  • Send a preview to make sure it's ready for lift-off;
  • Send to all or just a few - up to you!

                                       Watch the short video to see how it works!


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