Excel 101




Excel 101

The Fundamentals of Excel

Ever wondered how some people seem to glide effortlessly around Excel while others struggle?

What do I get in Excel 101 Online?

Lifetime access to the following 3 online workshops:

  • Excel 101 Classic (12 videos; 6 quizzes)
  • Excel 101 Express for Mac - the fast-track version especially designed on a Mac, for Mac users (6 videos; 2.5 hours of video content in total)

What will I learn?

►Five steps to Excellence through The High-Five Efficiency Formula. 

►How to work smarter using top-secret, time busting keyboard shortcuts.

Create attractive, useful worksheets that let you store, edit, and analyse data.

Demystify Excel formulas using the Evaluate Formula and Show Formulas features.

9 Excel Functions which simplify your life by doing all the hard work for you.

►Access Excel's comprehensive Function Library, and exploit the amazing Insert Function and Auto-Complete tools.

Format your data quickly and professionally, so that it tells the right story and enables effective decision making.

► Print worksheets so they come out on paper exactly as you planned, first time around.

Get in touch with us to arrange an Excel 101 workshop for you and your team.

A Unique Learning Experience:

You’ll learn through real-life examples, case studies, fun activities, and personal spreadsheet makeovers. 

When you walk out of Excel 101:

You will stop wasting time and energy struggling in Excel, and start producing professional spreadsheets immediately. You  will be solving real problems accurately and efficiently, and will wonder how you ever managed in the past!


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