Excel 202



Excel 202

Advanced Data Analysis

Not sure if you're ready for Excel 202?

How To Make Excel Work For You

This practical, hands-on workshop will give you the techniques and skills you need to work with Excel data more efficiently, accurately and confidently.

In Excel 202, you will learn how to perform data tasks in much less time, with much less effort, and with none of those glaring, costly mistakes. ​

You will learn sophisticated techniques for manipulating, analysing, summarising and visualising data in Excel.

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Key Skills

►A step-by-step data analysis blueprint – The Data Intelligence Integrator™

►Improve efficiency using top-secret keyboard shortcuts.

►Apply advanced Sort and Filter techniques.

►Use Conditional Formatting to help with trends analysis.

Manipulate and assess data with formulas and functions.

►Master VLOOKUP… and 5 reasons INDEX-MATCH is actually better!

►Use Data Validation to create useful dropdown lists and other rules.

►Summarize and visualize data with PivotTables and Charts.

A Unique Learning Experience:

You’ll learn through real-life examples, case studies, fun group activities, and personal spreadsheet makeovers, all facilitated by an Excel Academy Certified Expert (Excel ACE).

When you walk out of Excel 202:

You will stop wasting time and energy struggling in Excel, and start producing professional spreadsheets immediately. You  will be solving real problems accurately and efficiently, and will wonder how you ever managed in the past!

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