Excel 303



Excel 303

​Macros and VBA

Not sure if you're ready for Excel 303?

Become a Macro and VBA Genius at Excel 303

In the Excel 303 workshop, you will learn how to unlock Excel’s programming power through the use of macros and VBA.

You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort you can save by systemising repetitive processes. And best of all, it’s actually fun!

Learn online immediately through our interactive video platform...

Key Skills

The Macro Genius Method™ – the simplest, most user-friendly system to appreciate and master Excel macros.

Record macros and watch how your VBA code is created for you in real-time.

►Familiarize yourself with the VBA environment and language, and learn how to add or edit code with ease.

►Choose from several different ways to run a macro, including creating your own keyboard shortcuts.

►Create interactive macros which request information and prompt users as they go.

►Grab a coffee or take a nap while the For…Next loop and the Do…Loop are doing your work.

►Discover ways to streamline your code so as to minimize processing time, resources and headaches.

A Unique Learning Experience:

You’ll learn through real-life examples, case studies, fun group activities, and personal spreadsheet makeovers, all facilitated by a qualified actuary or CA(SA), and certified Microsoft Excel Expert.

When you walk out of Excel 303:

You will stop wasting time and energy with repetitive tasks in Excel. You will be excited to put your new found Macro and VBA skills into practice immediately!

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